Francisco Cantú
University of Houston
Political Science



Legislative Committees and the Personal Vote Party Politics, forthcoming (with Pedro Riera)

The Utility of Unpacking Survey Bias in Multiparty Elections. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Vol. 28, No.1: 96-116, 2016 (with Verónica Hoyo and Marco Morales)

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Fraudulent Democracy? An Analysis of Argentina's Infamous Decade using Supervised Machine Learning. Political Analysis, Vol. 19, No. 4: 409-433, 2011 (with Sebastián Saiegh)

Working papers:

Groceries for Votes? The Electoral Returns of Vote-Buying in Mexico

The Many Faces of Electoral Manipulation: Bolivia's 2008 Recall Referendum

Endogenous Ballot Types (with Susan Achury and Margarita Ramirez)

At the Polling Station: The Political Participation of Poll Workers (with Sandra Ley)

Risk and Reward: The Differential Impact of Authoritarian Elections on Regime Decay and Breakdown (with Paul Schuler and Dimitar Gueorguiev)

Spatial Election Audits (with Leonardo Antenangeli)

Ballot Stuffing or Vote Tampering? Mexico's 1988 Presidential Election